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This article changes your ideas to do SEO tricks on your website so I highly recommend reading this What is SEO and How it Works article carefully. Implements the SEO tricks on your website and get a higher ranking on the search engine page.

What is SEO and How it Works - UIG Geeks
Want to learn about SEO and how to apply SEO settings on the blog website we have made a guide to teaching you more about SEO Marketing.

Definition of SEO, SEO Meaning, and How SEO Works:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and this is the process of optimizing your blog’s website and get unpaid and organic traffic from search engine results.
What is SEO and How it Works? Here we will start from beginner to master SEO tricks.
First of all, you have to know about SEO Meaning and meaning is to design your website and put images with low size and provide the best title to viewers and make your website attractive by the sequence paragraph. Follow these steps and the search engine display your website on the top of the page in search engine pages.
Every search engine wants to deliver the best quality result to the viewers because the viewer wants the exact result from any search engine. Suppose that you will search for SEO settings and the search engine delivers our article for you because this article has the proper SEO settings and low size of images that why SEO is the main factor in blogging. Only SEO is a thing to get organic and unpaid traffic from search engine result pages.
The search engine crawls all website and finds the best website to a better result for you and SEO help our website to rank fastly and highly in search engine.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of getting organic traffic from search engines and make your website a higher rank in the search engine on an exact keyword on your website.

How many types of SEO?

There are three types of SEO:

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO means optimizing your website pages to rank higher in the search engines and increase organic traffic on your website.

Follow these steps to do On-Page SEO:

  • Pages Load fastly.
  • Add your main keyword in the title, meta description, and h1 tags.
  • Use short permalinks in pages.
  • Add alt tags in your image and the image should be short in size.
  • Add topics paragraph in the article.
  • Keep your article simple and readable for visitors.
  • Update your old articles by changing names.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO means action taken outside on your website is called Off-Page SEO this will impact to increase rankings in search engines.

Some steps for Off-Page SEO:

  • Link Building
  • Make a Profile on Social Media with the website name.
  • Add an RSS feed subscription Box.
  • Guest Posting.
  • Build a relationship with influencers.
  • Build trust.
  • Blog Commenting.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO means start indexing and crawling in every webmaster tools and optimizing your website to indexing and crawling your website in webmaster tools.

Some steps for Technical SEO:

  • The website should be crawlable.
  • The website should be indexable.
  • The website should be mobile-friendly.
  • Review your Sitemap.
  • Audit website page speed.
  • Review the Duplicate content.

Some Extra Tips of all types of SEO Steps:

  • Keyword Research.
  • Use Long-Tail Keywords.
  • A good title with a keyword around 55 to 60 words.
  • Use the meta description of around 255 to 260 words.
  • Content always around 600 to 1500 words.
  • Content should be Simple and Readable.
  • Images should be small in size with alt tags.
  • Increase website page load speed.
What is SEO and How it Works - UIG Geeks

More what is SEO

SEO is only one thing to increase traffic and trust the SEO will rank your website in higher results if you want more traffic and higher rankings in the search engine than you have to do SEO on your website. We gave lots of steps of SEO in this article, If you follow these steps then guaranteed you get results from SEO.
First of all, you have to find the Topic on whatever you want and search in any search engine about the topic and target the main keywords then also check people search for and focus on your long-tail keyword, Then you have to scan the keyword on your any SEO tools like (Ahrefs, Semrush, Ubersuggest, etc) and find the more similar keywords.
Start writing an article and make sure your main keyword is in use title, meta description, and h1 tags
and your website images should be the low size with alt tags to SEO optimize your images. These settings will crawl your images in search engines. Make sure your article is simple, readable, and mobile-friendly, and insert your keyword in every paragraph of your article this will help in increasing rankings. Hope you will understand if you have any quarry with us then comment.

Conclusion for What is SEO and How it Works

I hope you will understand What is SEO and How it Works, In this article, I have given you many SEO tips, SEO Tricks, and SEO Tactics for increasing website ranking and traffic. If you implement all steps in your articles then your article will definitely rank in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). If you have any query about this articles then comment below this article, I will definitely solve your problems as soon as possible, Thanks for giving your time in this What is SEO article

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