What is Blogger? How to Create Website for Free

In this article What is Blogger? Make Money Online I will tell you about Blogger and How can you write articles on Blogger, How to create pages in Blogger, How to Publish a Website in Google Search Console, and How to add Sitemap of Website. In this article, I will give you a full guide to How to creating a website in Blogger and Submit in Search Console.
What is Blogger? How to Create Website for Free

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a Google platform that helps us to make a free website without any fee and Blogger is easy to use without any skills. We don,t need to buy Hosting and SSL certificate for our website because the blogger has unlimited hosting and SSL certificate on unlimited websites so that’s why every blogger choose Blogger platform for creating a Blog (Website) on any topic.

How to use Blogger? 

First of all, you have to open your browser and search blogger than go to the first website blogger.com and you have to sign up with your email id then choose your website title and type your website title on the title option and then typing your website address then select your website theme and click Create Blog and you have successfully created your website. Now you have to write some posts on any topic to related your website.

How to write Post on Blogger?

First of all, you have to click New Post and you see a new interface then you have to type your post title like What is Blogger this is my title and then you have to type article on the topic of the blogger
and your article must have above 500 to 600 minimum words with 1 or 2 images and the images you use in blogger must have copyright-free images.

How many posts for Adsense Approval?

You have to write 12 to 20 post on blogger without copy-paste from another website you have to type your own words in the posts and every post must have 500 to 600 minimum words.

How to Qualify my Blog (Website) from Google?

You have to write your own words on every post and your have to write 12 to 20 posts on your website and all post are minimum words limit is 500 words and maximum is as much as you can type and then buy a domain like yourwebsite.com or any domain like this .com,.in,.xyz,.co.in, etc from GoDaddy or any other website and connect your domain with your website you don’t know how to connect domain with blogger websites than search on youtube how to connect domain with blogger. and connect the domain. Now you have to publish your website and posts on the Google webmaster tool.

What is a Webmaster tool and How to publish your website on the webmaster tool?

Google Webmaster is a Google platform and this tool is also known as Google Search Console.
This tool is helped in your website to publish your website on the internet and index all website pages and post on google.

How to use the Google search console tool (Webmaster tool)?

First of all, you have to sign up on Google Search Console and add your website link then you have to index your all post to the search console, and your website ready to show on google pages. 

How to Index Post on Search Console?

You have to open the google search console tool and click on URL Inspection than you have to copy your post URL and paste the post URL then click on inspect then the processes are starting to crawl your web pages. Then you have to click on the Sitemap option and add a sitemap of your website.

How to Add Sitemaps? 

Open your browser and search blogger sitemap generator for Google Search Console than open the first website then copy your website URL and paste into the website then click Generate Sitemap and the sitemap of your website will be generated by the website and open the Google Search Console sitemap option and like (yourwebsite.com.xml) file you have to type .xml on your website link then your website is fully ready.

Bonus Tips for Successful Blogger in 2021

You have to update your website daily like write one or two posts as it possible and update your old post with some new word this is helpful in your increase SEO ranking.

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