Top 8 ways to land high paying gigs for content writing!

Top 8 ways to land high paying gigs for content writing!

 How to find clients for content writing! 

When you are learning about then you also need to know about how to find clients for content writing? But this can be nerve-wracking. 

Many experienced freelance writers also wides their circle to get a stable source of earning as freelance content writers.  

If you want to get very high-paying freelance jobs and long-term clients then you need to think out of the box with a critical eye.  

  • Start with Local companies- If you are a novice begin connecting with companies in your locality. Rather than looking for consumer-based companies, just look for business-to-business companies.  

As a novice, you might have a question of what attributes does an ideal company has? In my experience, start prioritizing companies that have a good candidature that is who are constantly introducing new things to their companies. This kind of client will be a good source in providing you with work. 

  • Use cold pitching- Cold Pitching is absolutely a gold way in skyrocketing your career as a freelance writer. As in this method, there is less competition among the writer as well as there is a great probability of getting recurring gigs. 

Let us understand what is cold pitching?  

It’s the method of advertising your services while contacting bloggers, businesses, start-up owners, and other companies and telling them how you can contribute to their ideas to generate conversions.  

If you are a novice in content writing, then it sounds quite tough to handle.

But, don’t worry I have an outline for you, start finding the businesses to whom you need to cold pitch. After this, draft a cold pitch for your marketing and send it to the right business. Make sure while writing a pitch you have the following things like how you know about their company, introduction of yourself and your skill, and how you can help them to make a change in their firm.

  • Follow social media for landing Gigs– As we know in our daily lives, social media plays an important role, we are getting more into social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Social media is a goldmine for landing gigs too. These networks are great ways of getting clients and connects with potential clients. 

One of the most famous platforms for freelance writing gigs are LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Start joining Facebook groups, I have landed my first gig from the Facebook group itself. Just research content writing groups, and you will get it. 

On the other side, LinkedIn has a job board, search writer and you will get your desirable searches. 

There is another site called which you can use to land high-paying gigs. These 2 well-known sub Reddits are very useful for connecting with your potential clients. 

  1. /r/For/Hire- Here you can find jobs as well as advertising your services. This mostly has companies and start-ups who are hiring. 
  2. /r/WritingOpportunities– This subreddit mostly consists of publications that are paying writers for submissions. 


  • Give it a start with the help of your family and friends- This thing can probably help a lot in getting your first samples as a content writer. Before getting into content writing, let your friends and family know about your profession. You can’t even think that how much potential is there, as they even end up as your first client and can provide you with the first testimonial.  

In the beginning, every opportunity can be a golden opportunity for you, so you need to be available in your daily life. For a better impression towards your family and friends, you can even create a business card for marketing your services. 

  • Try a guest post for free- This thing can be disgraced by many writers as no one wants to work for anyone for free. But believe me, this can be the turning point in your content writing career as when you guest post on popular sites, your writing will be in the eye of thousands of people. And from those thousands of people, I bet few will your potential clients. 

A good set of sample writing always helps you to get quality clients. Most importantly, the pieces which are published on other people’s sites are the most important ones, as they help you to get a high-paying client. 

Many writers have a question that how does find where do you guest post? You can do it very easily by searching on Google your preferable niche and adding write for us. This is how you can get where you want to guest post. While doing that, use a very attractive bio, the bio should aim at conversions rather than impressions. 

  • Build your portfolio– It is one of the best ways of attracting the highest paying clients as it is one of the coolest and impressive ways you can use in your career. As rather than providing a boring CV document. It’s better to impress the client with a link. There are several websites from where you can make your portfolio, but currently, there are 2 websites that are working well that is medium and journal portfolioIn the beginning, you can work with this as your blog. 

But if you want to ramp your freelancing business, after being experienced you should go for a self-hosted WordPress site and create a professional look as a content writer. 

A strong portfolio website is an essential element for a successful business. 

  • Start networking with other freelance writers- When I started freelancing, I reached many freelance writers of my niche. Why? It’s simple because networking use to get potential clients. It’s a clear win-win as one of my writer friends helped me to get my ideal clients and yes with the ideal rates. 

Reach out to them, as it will also help you to know about the market prices and their company will encourage you a lot. Probably it will be one of the greatest companies you can have. 

  • Ask referrals from your clients– In my opinion, it is one of the best strategies you can use to get clients, as before searching for new clients start with asking for referrals from your clients. You can mail or ask them via their social media handling, in this way- 

‘Hey, hope all is well, may I know that you still need a content writer or anyone in contacts needs the one?’ 

In this way, you can get works from the clients as well as from his or her contacts too.

 Common FAQs- 

Are the freelance writing jobs legit? 

I would say not all freelance jobs are legit as there are many scams as well. There are many red flags like clients who are asking for free samples of 1000 words, asking for money before giving you the tasks, giving you bulk projects, and keeping the system of monthly payments. These kinds of the client not even pay you well and end up cheating on you. Be aware of them! 

Do you need a degree to start with freelance writing? 

Like YouTubers and influencers who are doing side hustles to enjoy and make their hobby as their source of earning, freelance writing can also be referred to as the side hustle where you don’t need a degree but a passion to write quality content. 

What is one of the easiest ways to start with writing? 

I had started my writing as an intern, getting an internship can also be very productive. As the certificate will help you to land many freelance jobs. 

Also, you can even start with writing articles on social media as well as on sites, where you are paid for your writing like 



Getting a client is quite difficult for you as a novice. But believe me, try these few techniques and you will see yourself ending up on very high-paying gigs.  

Also, landing a gig, is not all about this, because if you are not good at communication, you will end up losing your gig. While talking to the client, at every step not only just show about your abilities but show that how these abilities can help them to succeed and grow their businesses. 

Let us know, which of the following methods you had adopted to get clients? 

Happy writing! 

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