TOP 5: Best Work from Home Jobs for Students in India (NO SKILLS!)

TOP 5: Best Work from Home Jobs for Students in India (NO SKILLS!)


Work from home jobs for students in India

‘How can I earn some extra money as a student?’ This question is lurking in the mind of most of the students who need pocket money for becoming financially independent. There are many benefits of doing jobs as side by side your professional value is increasing, which is enlightenment for every student’s future. 

TOP 5: Best Work from Home Jobs for Students in India (NO SKILLS!)

If you are thinking in this way, then this article is for you! As we had compiled a list of the top 5 freelance jobs for you! 

1.       Freelance Writing- The best thing about being one of the highest-paying jobs, it does not require any to start yourself with a content writer.  

You only need your typing device and an internet connection. You need to create content for the websites, blogs, articles, eBooks, email copies, social media posts and captions, product descriptions, and newsletters.  

For this, you should have good oral and written communication skills which include producing articles with no grammatical errors, no plagiarism, and communication to the readers. Other skills which will help you to smooth your freelancing journey are copywriting, search engine optimization, proofreading, and blogging. 

 The average salary ranges from 17, 164 to even lakhs! You will be paid on hourly rates or per project rates. There are 4 types of the writer which are web content writer, technical writer, news or magazine writer, and last but not the least ghost-writer. 

2.       Digital marketingThese are hired by companies who want their presence on every search engine, social media like Instagram, Linked In, YouTube, Facebook, etc. And digital marketer helps them to them in making their presence. It’s a broad umbrella that includes SEO, lead generation, PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, SMM stands for social media marketing, and SEM stands for search engine marketing.  

It has a very wide field and offers a great opportunity to the freelancers like SEO and SEM specialist, content strategist, email marketing specialist, UX designers, and social media marketers. These are known as niche skills, and the professionals are paid very much for this.

These professionals perform several tasks like creating social media posts and emails, planning and running campaigns, analyzing KPIs like bounce rate, and last but not least creating informative content using SEO keywords. You should with one niche and then becoming professional in it. 


3.       Web development-these are another set of freelancers which are high in demand these days due to the highest usage of websites. Depending on the variation of the job and position, the given key hard skills are the specialties needed to become the one. 

·         HTML5- It provides the structure to the content on the web. 

·         PHP- it functions within HTML code, web template systems, etc. 

·         Cascading style sheets (CSS)- It helps to control the layout and physical appearance of things across all pages of the websites. 

·         JavaScript- It acts as a cornerstone programming language for interactive web pages, it controls dynamic loading and helps to give life to the web pages. 

·         The other two are ASP.NET and Angular.js 

As a web dev, you should also good at doing multitasking, organized, self-motivated, and attentive. These are soft skills that should be built by them to give a smooth start to their journey as a web developer. 


4.      Graphic Designing It refers to the art in which with the help of the graphics which includes the power of words, thoughts, and pictures are carefully mixed up and portrayed into the furnished design. Because of these traits, these are known as graphic artists or communication designs. They help brands and companies in expressing their values joint to the products or sales which directly aims at increasing and driven sales and fame to the brand. Apart from a creative mind and thoughts, you will also require a few skills to plant the seed of your graphic designer career such as awesome communication, organizational skills, good at networking, and should have a good grip in using tools like adobe creative clouds, or other editors for creating eye-catching videos and posts. These tools are required to start graphic designing, so make sure that you have a good command of that, you can explore blogs and YouTube for learning the usage of the tools. 


5.      Online tutorsThis kind of job does not need years of experience. But you should have the right soft skills to serve the students. All you need is zeal towards the subject. Currently, in this pandemic crisis, there is rocket boost demand in the number of online teachers and mentors. If you are adding your online mentoring to your cv, it will increase your chances of hiring. You can even teach English to people by spending just a couple of hours. There are online platforms like Chegg and Un academy which is providing you the stipend for every piece of work done by you with great flexibility. You can make lakhs in this sector, think about working in it, as there is only a lot to gain, and nothing to lose. During this career, your subject matter expertise will increase.


Also, the main thing which is the basis for maintaining your position as a freelancer is to continue applying to the freelancing gigs. freelancing Platforms like Upwork, People per hour, freelancer, Guru, I freelance, Toptal, Crowded, and last but not the least Fiverr. On these freelancing websites, you can find several recruiters, who need your services. Pro-tip for every freelancer is to have a good portfolio so that you can show it to your clients to crack the deals. These portfolios will provide a glimpse of the services which you will provide, and testimonials in this portfolio will act as the icing on the cake!

Also, apart from going on to your online events, you can even go for the offline ones, where you can get connected to the industry’s experts and can learn many more things from them.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments, feel free to ask your queries here, hope it had helped you.




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