Top 10 must-to-try link building strategies for SEO!

Top 10 must-to-try link building strategies for SEO!

Top 5 simple tips and tricks for Link Building

Formerly, Link building was based on quantity but in the contemporary world, it is based on the quantity of the links. 

Quality of links notably for the quality and command of the website. This plays a key role in determining how high you will rank in terms of backlinks. If you are consistent with it, it can even help you to get 434% more indexed pages and increment in the inbound links by 97%. 

Till the end of the article, you will get how to make a foolproof strategy for your backlinks which help you to gain more organic traffic.  

    • Use strategic Guest blogging-: Among the blogging businesses, guest blogging is playing a crucial role. Most people don’t use guest blogging to its full extent. As there is a difference between only using guest posting and on the other hand using it strategically. 

    To be strategic about it means to have very clear goals of implementing it. You should hunt for the blogs that could help you in your guest blogging and drive traffic to your website. For finding that kind of website, you need to make sure that there is a high rate of sharing like the owners and readers are promoting the website on social media as well.

    The guest post to be syndicated on reliable platforms. As if you want to have your guest post in the top 15 in Google’s ranking then you need to choose one of the highest-ranking websites on Google. But it does have many drawbacks such as if it is done in the wrong way, it can even lead to a search engine like Google, Bing penalizing your blog. 

    • Increase your social media presence– Social media can be referred to as a huge boom for your blog. Inactiveness on social media can cause a lot of trouble to your blog because you are losing a great chance of getting visible to a greater number of people. Even if you are a novice, you can easily drive the traffic with help of this. This will help to expose your URLs and profile to many people. Eventually, those people can even share your pictures with their target audience. 
    • Maximize the broken link strategy- This is one the most productive strategy to use, as we know that many people don’t get enough time to write engaging content. A broken link strategy is a tactic that involves the exploration of your niche content which are no longer live, recreating the content of that broken link, and requesting the webmasters {blogger} of the broken link to replace your website link with it. 
    • Growing your brand Any brand requires a personal brand that means the brand is you. One of the top-most building strategies is to grow your brand. There is a great saying from the book Designing brand identity, written by Alina Wheeler, that “launch internally first, then externally to key stakeholders.” 

    Pro tip-: 

    When talking about in detail, your brand evolves from your thoughts, then start expressing them in public. As more and more will recognize you and they will start naturally linking with you. 

    Let’s explore naturally linking in a nutshell, it’s a linking editorially earned which means in the context it is organic, it’s not any kind of sponsorship. As people start liking your content they will try to connect with you in many ways. 

    • Keep an eye on the competitor’s backlinks– link is earned and not built, remember about naturally linking concept? Learning and keeping an eye on the competitor’s link is not the low-play to do but it’s a quality of geniuses, as to be at the top you need to learn from them like how they are getting backlinks from the top sites. Spying on the competitor’s keywords, on which sites they are ranking for is known as ‘competitive analysis’ 

    But many people get stuck while finding their competitors, let’s have a look at this beneficial tip- 

    How to find who’s your competitor? 

    • Analysis of your main keyword, to which you use and on which your niche is based on. Type this keyword in the SEMrush Tool and see sites. Pick out the most ranking site as your competitor. 
    • Now analyze the backlinks and go to MOZ, paste your URL there. Explore how many links are connected to it and the sites which link it. 


    People tend to have many questions regarding link-building and its strategies:  

    Let’s talk about those FAQs 

    • How long does a link-building campaign take? 

    Experts say that on average it requires around 3 to 6 months for completing a link-building strategy. However, it also depends upon your content inter-activeness. This long process includes ideation of the content, research and analysis about the content, graphics, copywriting, promotional activities, and last but not the least is the exploration of backlinks. 

    • Why there is a need of linking your website? 

    Link building is one of the most famous and effective SEO strategies to rank higher in Google searches. Each link acts as the voice of trust for google as this shows that you are a trustable website and your content is appreciated. 

    • How many links do I need? 

    It cannot be suggested that how many backlinks you need to take for your blog as it is entirely dependent on your niche, the competitiveness of the market. But to sort this confusion, prefer quality over quantity as even if you are having a smaller number of links but this our coming from high domain authority sites like times of hind then you should go for that. 




    The website’s backlinks profile plays a crucial role in determining how high your website will rank. Google does not look for how many links you are getting. The main thing Google makes sure of is your experience with the users and the quality of the links. Always be smart and well planned for your blogging career, focus on improving your link-building power. 

    Follow the above mention foolproof strategy with pro tips, and notice the change in your blogging career 

    Which of these best practices have you used to get quality links to your web pages? 

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