Top 10 Low Competition YouTube Niche in Time of Lockdown 2021

Top 10 Low Competition YouTube Niche in Time of Lockdown 2021

Top 10 Low Competition YouTube Niche

If you are about to start a YouTube channel then selecting a low competition YouTube niche for your channel is the most crucial part of your YouTube journey. 

The selection of niche is the topic on which the channel is based. This thing is something where your growth and income are based, so elect it wisely. Making videos on random topics is not at all supported by YouTube as well as by your audience. 
This post will help you a lot to know about your niche. Given below are the top 10 low competition niches which can make your YouTube career a success!

Top 10 Low Competition YouTube Niche in Time of Lockdown 2021
Unboxing niche
This is one of the most preferred niches for beginners. As most of the people are shifting themselves from purchasing from offline stores to the online ones, they wanted to know deep about the product before buying, and at this moment videos of unboxing help. Also, you don’t need to purchase expensive gadgets for this, you can even start with even unboxing your own phone, which you are using, or a friend’s new phone. 


This is one of the most loved niches of all the time as one can spend hours while watching this, think of how much people see it interesting? For example, If you have a little knowledge about beauty then use it and share your beauty hacks. There is a red flag if you are electing this niche as it is very competitive, so try to use a very smaller niche like in beauty hacks, try to be very specific. 

Fail compilation videos
The funny content is one of the most lovable niches of all time. It puts a smile on the million faces.there is a lot of chances of getting viral in this niche.
Language and culture
Many people are interested in knowing the culture and lifestyle of people from other countries. There is a lot of curiosity among people to know about how foreigner’s lifestyle. 
You can provide your audience with factual data like traveling tips, about the country’s specialties in terms of food, clothes, and cities to travel which are to the point.
You can even teach them your native language like the basics of it, grammar rules, common phrases to use, etc. There are endless topics you can create from a particular niche!

Home or DIY
There is another popular niche yet very competitive.  
Given below are the video ideas you can try to make your channel a success- 
You can build your furniture and sell them or else give the tutorials of creating DIYs like ‘how to make a curtain’, these can be very competitive, so make sure you pick a sub-niche. 
Give tips about home décor, color schemes, distributing things in the right places, etc. 
Roof and repairs- You can teach how to repair it. 
You can even teach your audience about home securities like for example- ‘meaning of safe lock?’, ‘good alarm systems, or ‘when to call cops?’ are some of the topics you can use! 

Food or hotel reviews
If you are a food lover then this niche is for you! There would be hardly anyone who does not like the lip-smacking food and to explore new cuisines and restaurants. For running, this channel you need to start researching the restaurants which are located in your place which leads to new launches.       
You can test the food and restaurants by reviewing it by creating a video of it with your live personal experience. Here you can help people to get them the best food and restaurants. 

 Plant and garden
If you are interested in agriculture, you can monetize this niche by selling your products like seeds and plants. Make sure to pick out a unique plant niche such as succulents, garden flowers, etc.  
For garden niches, you can keep animals like goats, horses, ponds like fountains, fish, and you can even give tutorials like ‘how to make tree houses, etc. These basic details will help aspiring farmers and beginner gardeners in their journey. 

Survival in tough areas
This scene is very specific and inspired by men versus wild. Here you can tell people, how they can survive in areas where there are no basic amenities like ‘how to make a tent?’, ‘which food you should pack that have a long expiration time?’, ‘what plants and animals are harmful to your health?’ and how you make your food with the help of raw things.  
These tips will be of great importance to travelers. 

Beauty and fashion niche for guys
As we know that there is loads of competition in the female niche, especially when it comes to beauty and style. So it is better to look at the men’s niche, here you can tell about the tips of male grooming like how to grow a beard, hairstyles, confidence tips, etc. Male styling is also a niche that you can explore where you can even teach the basics like how to know that a jacket is best fitted on your body. 


The most underrated niche of all time. If someone asks “what is the best niche according to you?” then I had probably said this because with this you will be able to spread happiness among the people and can help people to eradicate grief from their life. These things will help you to become a better human. Here you can try to convince and teach people with the help of religious teachings. 

Do let us know in the comments which of the above low competition YouTube niche you have chosen to get started with your YouTube career? 
People have a common question about how you can monetize these niches? 
Well, it depends on the niche, as it can be monetized with help of affiliate marketing, sponsors and the most common way is the Youtube Adsense. Apart from this, you can even start earning from the other social media platforms like Instagram after building up a follower base. 

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