Must to know tips and tricks as a content writer!

Must to know tips and tricks as a content writer!

 Tips you should know as a content writer! 

Content writing is one of the most demanding and professional skills of all time. In the previous article 

We had discussed the 3w’s of content writing and the scope of it.

As I think that when gathering details of the profession you like, it is very beneficial to know about the tips because it helps to open one’s mind. 

We know that words that are just jumbled with each other cannot be known as a part of content writing. As the prime focus of the content writers is to write appealing and readable content for the audience. Being a content writer, you should have skills like good knowledge about in order to write those magical lines, you need to first know about the tips and tricks which will act as a bridge from a beginner content writer to the advanced one. 

  • Read and write as much as you can– Every writer must read stuff of their interests as it helps them to widen their thoughts and to explore other’s minds. Read it very carefully and keep an eye on the intricacies of writings. You can explore many things about the author including tonality used, perspective, and sentence formation only while reading. A consistent practice of writing is very important. There is a popular saying that ‘Practice makes oneself perfect’ and it is true that practice is very important in every case. 

  • Keyword research- SEO keywords are the most important thing, you should look after, as if you want to become a web content writer, then you should know about it in the nutshell. However, if you are a novice in this keyword researching, you can search keywords via a tool like SEMrush 

  • Craft an eye-catching headline for your article- it all starts with a headline that reflects robust content. A headline is the backbone of the article, if you are thinking that it is very difficult to write attention-grabbing headlines, then it is not, you just need to keep the following things in mind while writing it: 
  1. Try to put the whole concept of the article in 1 sentence. 
  2. The number works well- try to use numbers in a sentence like 7 ways for effective time management.  
  3. Start adding articles into your article to make it in a way that your audience wants from you. 
  4. Try to write it within 70 characters or lesser- As experts say, that the reach shoots for long-tail keywords is between 8 to13words. 
  5. You can even start with a question to develop curiosity among your audience. 


  • Self-editing is tough– When your start with your content writing career, you need to edit the who content by yourself. It is a very interesting and helpful tip that never start writing your headline, just after completing your article’s main content. There are few writings software available in the market to skyrocket the effectiveness of your content. The most popular editing software of all the time is Grammarly this helps you to know about your mistakes and to edit them.  


  • Mention First things first- it is the best type of writing tip which includes giving and sharing the best content with your client at the beginning of the article. There should be no trap in providing to the readers. No unexpectedness, just distill the information which your readers wanted. You start with the important point, then jumping to explain the topic in more detail, then so on. 

Pro Tip- Use YOU instead of a second and third person, because this connects the readers on a personal level. Also, when concluding, make sure to add a CTA line, it can be a question, as it will help to increase the engagement of the content.


  • Make it Skim-able– Usually people are habitual of skimming the content first then deciding to share it or not, and for making your content skim-able, you are required some writing styles to make it skin-able. You can make it for the most important points so that your content appears effective to the readers 

To make the content approachable, you can use the following things in the content: 

  1. Make short paragraphs 
  2. Keep the sub-headers short and sweet with meanings 
  3. Maximize the usage of bullet points or the number lists 
  4. You can summarize the content too and use a highly organized post structure 
  5. Add 1 main point to every paragraph and highlight it 


  • Build a trust bond with your audience- Adopt an emotional angle, instead of always talking about buying and selling, create a faith bond. You can do this in several ways, you should be factual which should be based on accuracy.  

Also, spell check everything in the content. In the case of adding hyperlinks, always take hyperlinks from trustable sources. To continually update and recheck the content, for example, if you write content about current affairs, do update the dates and news with the present time. 

Pro Tip– Many creators’ careers fail because of the evergreen demand for money. Avoid asking your audience every time for email sign-up, credit card number, and subscription. Firstly, start providing the information for free (one of the best sources) and then you will find loads of loyal buyers down the road. 



As you know that it takes a lot of effort for crafting killer content. The above mention tips and tricks will help you a lot in stepping from a beginner content writer to the advanced one.  

Whether it is a very experienced content writer too, they always need to go through the above-mentioned tips and tricks. 

And to go far in your content writing career you need to be very serious about the production and strategy of the content. 

Let us know in the comments, 

Which of the following strategies do you use as a content writer? 

I hope this content writing guide has helped you. 

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