How To Write The BEST INSTAGRAM BIO In 2021? (Organically Get More Followers and Clients)

How To Write The BEST INSTAGRAM BIO In 2021? (Organically Get More Followers and Clients)

In this article, I am going to show you how to write an Instagram bio that gets thousands of followers hundreds of business opportunities, and first rank in Instagram search

In fact, I’ll use the same process I share in this article and improve my own Instagram bio for better results and business opportunities

Instagram bio is the first thing anyone sees after your profile picture it is kind of a trailer for your followers and a sales pitch to your prospective customers not just that if people search any professional in a field then Instagram bio is the thing that helps you rank in Instagram search

therefore it is very important to have a compelling and keyword optimized Instagram bio to never miss an opportunity

There are five components to your Instagram bio and each one has its own importance and function

  1. Name
  2. Category
  3. Main Body
  4. Link
  5. Story highlights

Now let me explain what is the importance of each component I just mentioned


Your name is the first factor that gives the search engine of Instagram an indicator of who you are so it is a best practice to include your business title or business along with your name for example if you are a business coach then include it in your name as well like this example

Where the person has added business coach in their name in addition it also has the person visiting your page in the first instance grass what you are and what kind of pose can he expect from you


The category is simply where you tell what category does your page belong to is it an education website and entrepreneurs account or something else


Instagram bio is the place which you use to support your title you have just put in the name you go deeper and granular and detail out your businesses for example

A business coach can list down what kind of businesses it helps with and what is the specialization
in addition, you also mention your achievements here which provides a social verification and instills trust like if you have a youtube channel then you can mention monthly views here or if you have clients

then you can mention the number of clients here just be creative and play with this part ending of the bio is used to put some light on your link because the chances of getting clicked increases if people know what they are clicking upon pro tip are to put in a call-to-action in order to increase the clicks on the link.


Instagram bio link is a place which would be used place a link where you want your customers to go it can be an appointment link a YouTube channel a blog or all of these with the help of a paid service linktree but always keep in mind to inform what the link is all about to increase the chances of clicks.


A story highlight is a place which is pictures and frankly speaking, these are the things a person sees just after a profile picture because humans have a tendency of observing pictures before reading text therefore take from these examples

and try making professional-looking story covers for your highlights there are very high chances that if the cover looks attractive then the visitor will interact with these highlights therefore use these highlights

to showcase your work provide value in the form of tips and customer testimonials for social proof
now that we have established the functions and key roles of each component of let’s look at some of the best Instagram BIOS and take inspiration from them.

Some BIO Example

1 Let’s take first account of Gary Vaynerchuk

He is already an established celebrity so he doesn’t need to put business titles in his name in the first line of the bio he details his investments and mentioned the companies he is the CEO of to give the context to everyone next he mentions the number where one can text him at the end he gives the link to his podcast and tells people what they will be clicking on finally.

He has beautifully used the story section to display his new businesses various services and information around his conferences so the main subject of the bio is limited in words but Gary’s involved in so many things that he couldn’t have mentioned everything only in the subject so he used all the components to

his advantage and told us about many of his ventures a fact that he speaks at the conference he has a podcast and a lot more highly efficient use of letting someone unknown know who he is.

2. The second account which I’ll discuss is of marketing Harry

He didn’t mention his name in the bio but instead clearly mentioned his intentions it is a very smooth method to screen out people who are Orthodox ad marketing because he has clearly laid out his

intentions in the bio he reiterates the same thing, in addition, he mentions that he teaches as well his bio looks flawless regardless of the fact that he hasn’t added any link and clearly mentions that Instagram

and email is the only method to contact then finally he uses highlights to display his work provides tips and tells about himself through the bio it was clear that he wants subscribers clients and students his

highlights provide content that caters to all three categories tips and about me for gaining subscribers and students and samples for clients.

3. The third account is of Milan

He has mentioned his name as well as his title which is a graphic designer which is going to help him in search results than in the bio he explains what kind of designs does he walk upon Coen granular

as I discussed then he mentions his other services and finally lets everyone know a method to contact him in addition he can also add a call to action but going through his bio it looks like he’s focusing on

getting freelancing work more than anything and he also uses his highlights to reiterate the same therefore it is the best bio to intentionally direct people to perform the desired action on your page which is getting hired over here

4. The fourth account is of Rashi

She is my favorite nutritionist which she has mentioned by choosing the category of nutritionists the reason I chose her account is because of her highlights she’s a genius when it comes to marketing

She does consultation and knows her audience and clients inside out and therefore her content is not just around nutrition it is about the hormones mental health water memory philosophy design statements psychology and a lot more she goes Imperial blue style but in a very direct way

Now so finally you have it keep in mind I gave you the template but you need to experiment with it to find out which one works for you if you like the article then subscribe to our newsletter for future updates like these until next time bye bye

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