How To Start Fashion Blogging in India in 2021 (Step by Step)

How To Start Fashion Blogging in India in 2021 (Step by Step)

Are you trying to start a fashion blog, however, don’t realize wherein to begin?

Starting a blog nowadays is pretty straightforward, however, it’s tough to be successful and make money from it. 

In case you’re obsessed with style and fashion, you’re possibly already following the freshest style bloggers and influencers on Instagram. A style blog presents them with a platform to get out their ideas on the subject, and additionally brings them a ton of possibilities. 

How To Start Fashion Blogging in India in 2021 (Step by Step)

You’d be surprised to peer how many methods style bloggers make money from their blogs. According to Business Insider, style and fashion manufacturers are forecast to spend as much as $15 billion by 2022. They spend on the whole lot from promoted posts and content to lose samples, trips, and greater.

In this text, we’ll display you the way to begin a fashion blog and share some recommendations on the way to make money with it.

In this manual:

  • Pick out a fashion blog niche and name
  • Pick out a web hosting provider
  • Set up Your fashion blog
  • Create content material and start running a blog
  • Promote Your fashion blog and grow Your audience
  • Monetize Your style blog

Step 1: Choose a fashion blog area of interest and name

Before you dive into the nuts and bolts of your blog, like finding the pleasant blog hosting, you’ve got to determine what you’re going to blog approximately.

You realize you want to blog about style, but to find out in case your idea is viable, take a seat down and brainstorm. If you could come up with a minimum of 20 blogs submit ideas in 15 mins, you’ve got a winner. if you don’t, it’s back to the drawing board.

Once you’ve selected your important subject matter, you’ll need to name your weblog. think about your topic, your target audience, and what your blog fashion might be like.

To come up with a  name, try:
  • A weblog call generator
  • Using a glossary to provide you with distinct phrases
  • Use strategies like rhyming, alliteration, or assonance (like “Fashionista document” or “buying on a finances”)
You could read extra pointers and examples in our manual on the way to come up with a weblog call.

Step 2: Pick out a web hosting provider

Net web hosting is a necessary part of your internet site. The servers of your net web hosting hold your website’s content material and documents online. deciding on hosting isn’t always a clear mission.

To eliminate any hassle for our customers, we’ve performed an in-depth evaluation of famous hosting services. we’ve got no longer simplest found Bluehost to be the first-class in phrases of performance but it is one of the maximum inexpensive and user-friendly web hosting offerings inside the market.

Step 3: Set up Your fashion blog

Every blog needs three factors:

A completely unique domain name: 
That is what human beings type into their web browser to find your blog, like It’s typically similar to your blog name and should be smooth to say and kind. Learn extra about choosing the great domain name here.

A dependable internet host:
That is wherein all of the files, images, and content material are saved. agencies like Bluehost make it easy to install your account and weblog.

A running a blog platform: 
That is the software you operate to jot down and put up your blogs, upload the design and layout for your web page, and more. We recommend WordPress, which powers 35% of the internet, consisting of massive names like Adobe, Microsoft, Rolling Stone, and extra. It’s smooth to apply, bendy and offers a wide sort of customizations with subject matters and plugins.

Many aspiring fashion bloggers get stuck at this stage due to the fact they don’t want to pay for a web hosting organization, especially at the beginning. So while you are seeking to learn how to become a fashion blogger don’t have a look at the free website hosting alternative.

It’s crucial that you keep control and ownership of all of the contents and property of your fashion weblog. The unfastened options may additionally disappear at any point, leaving you without any copies of your content and a disenchanted target market.

Installation Your fashion blog on Bluehost
  • Once on the Bluehost site, click on Get started Now.
  • Choose the host pricing plan that works quality for you and determine whether to register a new domain or use one you have already got.
  • If you want to attend and think about it, click choose free domain later.
  • Input your account information and choose an account plan. The 36-month plan offers a first-class deal, but you could pick the only one you like.
  • The 12 Month plan is priced at $7.45 per month, whereas the 24 Month Plan is priced at $6.95 per month. therefore going for the 36 Month plan is the maximum affordable alternative with Bluehost.
  • When you’re accomplished signing up, you’ll get an email with the this launches Bluehost’s WordPress installation wizard, wherein you’ll input the name of your fashion blog and a tagline (optional). You may constantly trade each later.
  • Click next and pick your domain name from the drop-down menu details to your web hosting manage panel. Log in to your Bluehost account and search for WordPress underneath the My sites tab.
  • Click Log into WordPress and enter your credentials. Click Create site to create your new fashion weblog.
  • You’ll also get an email confirmation with a login link.
And that’s it, you successfully mounted WordPress on Bluehost and launched your fashion weblog!

Also, check out our particular manual on a way to set up WordPress on Bluehost.
when you first install WordPress, your weblog looks quite primary and uninteresting, but don’t worry. You’ll fix that inside the next step. You’ll set up a theme and a few plugins to make its appearance exquisite. Click subsequent once more to start the setup, so that you can take a few minutes. You’ll see a fulfillment message as soon as it’s finished.

Step 4: Create content and begin blogging!
Now you’re prepared to begin developing and publishing your fashion weblog content material.

Keep away from the temptation to begin typing and publishing posts without a plan. Your style blog received’t become a fulfillment that way.

Start together with your core pages and most important menu.

WordPress lets you create extraordinary varieties of content material: posts and pages. in case you’re questioning what’s the difference, here’s an in-depth guide on posts vs. pages in WordPress.

We advise creating these pages on your new fashion blog:
  • about web page
  • contact page
To feature a brand new web page in WordPress, log in for your fashion blog and click Pages » add New.
From right here, upload your page name and content inside the editor. For more help on the WordPress editor, check out this put up. When you’re performed, click on the post to make the web page stay on your style weblog.

What to include in  your about and contact Pages

Introduce yourself to your readers and talk about what they can assume out of your weblog on your approximate page. Connect to your social profiles so your readers can live in touch with you.

Contact page

A contact web page is crucial if you need your readers to get in touch with you. you may create one in much less than 5 minutes with WP Forms, which comes pre-hooked up for your Bluehost website. those pages need to be sufficient to get your fashion weblog started out.

Upload Your Pages on your main Menu

  • To create a menu in WordPress, click on look » Menus. input a name for your menu (like “main Menu” or something you want) and click on Create Menu.
  • Next, upload the pages you just created to it. under add menu objects, pick the pages to add, and click on save menu.
  • To feature the menu for your fashion weblog’s header, click control places on the top of the page. Then, choose the location where you want it to appear. The location options to be had to you will rely upon the WordPress theme you chose, but make certain you’ve were given the primary region set.
  • Write Your First weblog Posts
  • Now it’s time for the nitty-gritty: writing your first style blog posts. You already brainstormed a few weblogs submit ideas earlier, so pull the ones out and begin writing.

Don’t worry about monetization simply but. For now, you’ve got to get some content material on your weblog, so it receives listed by search engines like google, and start constructing a target market. You may additionally create a weblog approach to maintain the thoughts flowing and your fashion weblog completely stocked with posts.

Congratulations! Your new style blog is up and jogging. nicely performed.

Step 5: Promote Your fashion weblog and develop Your audience

Promoting your style weblog is vital in case you want to broaden a target market and, sooner or later, monetize it to earn cash. some are clean to set up and do, while others require a little greater investment of some time (and maybe your cash.)

let’s take a more in-depth look.

Search engines like google

Optimize your fashion weblog for search engines to force visitors to your blog. An awesome search engine optimization strategy approach that whenever every person searches Google for a subject you’ve protected, your fashion blog comes up within the search results.

Social Media

As a fashion blogger, you know how crucial social is to your internet site. especially in case you’ve got notable pictures and content which are clean to digest and share. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok can assist build and develop your target market, in addition, to boom your monetization options because you’ll be getting greater views on your content.

Email Newsletters

Professional bloggers use email newsletters to live engaged with their audiences and generate earnings from them. They assist you to expand and sustain relationships with your target audience higher than any other advertising approach you may use.

Step 6: Monetize Your fashion blog

All right, you’ve come to this a ways. Now it’s time to start earning money together with your fashion blog.

Right here are some ideas you may try and monetize your fashion blog:

Display advertisements with Google AdSense

Advertising networks let you earn cash in your style weblog. Google AdSense allows you to display commercials on your web page, even when you’re simply starting. follow our little by little guide on a way to add Google AdSense for your blog properly.


Affiliate advertising

Associate advertising lets you suggest products you like and earn a referral fee when your audience purchases a product after clicking on your hyperlink. 

To make money with affiliate advertising, you’ll need to find fashion merchandise and brands with an associate application. start with Amazon affiliates as they have lots of merchandise in style, garb, and add-ons that you may endorse and receives a commission for it.

Become an Instagram Influencer

Instagram is the social media network for style and fashion influencers. You could do the equal in your style blog, so ensure to enroll in and begin posting with the relevant hashtags to reach the right audience.

Promote Branded content

Reach out to brands, fashion startups, businesses, and others to accomplice with them. demonstrate your effect via displaying off your Instagram feed on your weblog.

Promote Branded Swag

Once you’ve were given an awesome-sized target audience in your fashion weblog, create some branded swag to sell for your weblog. Use a print-on-demand service like Printful, TeeSpring, or Gooten to control the introduction, printing, and shipping of your t-shirts, mugs, jewelry, and more.

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