How to Start a Book Review Blog in Just 6 Easy Steps!

How to Start a Book Review Blog in Just 6 Easy Steps!

 How to start a book review blog

Have you ever finished a great book and wished to discuss it with someone or you are dying to recommend it to someone? It is both fun and rewarding to start a book review blog, especially for book lovers. 

There are many benefits of maintaining a book review blog. In exchange for honest reviews, you can even receive free books from the makers of the books. 

How to Start a Book Review Blog in Just 6 Easy Steps!

You can even get a bookish community where you can discuss your favorite reads, it is entirely beneficial to start a book blog. 

These 6 steps will help you to start an effective blog- 

Pick out a catchy name and domain for your blog

Before picking up a blog name, start with choosing the niche for your particular blog. Like ask yourselves questions like, will you focus on adult reads or fictions? Will you write about books on blogging? Will you write about romance book reviews? And there are many more questions to go, just pick one in which you are interested and get started! 

Consider a catchy title for your blog. Before choosing a name for your brand, make sure that no one else is using the name, look after its trademarks. 

For domain, you can with your free account with Blogger and Wix and continue the path of blogging as a hobby blogger.

But if you want to be serious in blogging then you can purchase domains from websites like GoDaddy, WordPress, etc. As per your preferences. 


Choose a Blog theme 

After securing the catchy name and domain for websites it is essential to look at the physical appearance of the blog. Answer and research questions like do you need a sidebar for your blog? Which color will attract the audience?  

Also, before working out all these things, make sure to adopt the given conditions in your blog: 

  • Your blog should be visually appealing. 
  • Boasts a theme that works well with search engine optimization. 
  • Also, the main thing that looks after that blog is a user-friendly view with the desktop’s view as well as the mobile view. 


Set up the mandatory blogging pages- 

When it comes to blogging, pages are more static, and most importantly the about us or me page, where your readers can know more about you. 

Few questions which should be answered to appear like a professional blogger like: 

Why you chosen book blogging? What is your story of starting it? Are you qualified enough to write about it? Also, you can write about your aims of starting the blog, your dreams, hobbies, favorite books, etc. 

Other than this, one should have a policy page, you might think what is the need? Well, when your blog will start expanding, you will start getting many books to review at a time, which will get quite tough for you to review each book, this where your book policy page will help you! 

Things like about your genre in which you write reviews like fictional, types of posts which you will prefer if you find a book boring to read, then what you will write about it, which book formats you will accept? a place where you will showcase the reviews like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, etc.  

Another legal page, which is of utmost importance is the disclaimer, privacy policy, term, and condition pages. Without this page, not even AdSense approves your blog which can be a hurdle for your blog. 


Get started with reading books- 

Now, after getting cleared with all those things, the next step is to get started with reading books. When starting a blog, it is not affordable for everyone to buy new books every week for reviews, in case of that you can directly offer publishers or authors of the books to review their books.  

As this will be quiet but there are also 2 free databases where you can apply for advanced reading copies that are Net galley and edelweiss about the tree line. 

There is the main thing that is left to be discussed is what things you need to add to your book reviews that it gets in the eyes of publishers and authors.

  • The foremost thing is to write a rough summary in your own words. 
  • Information about the book which you are viewing like the publisher, author, publishing date, etc. Also, the information about the author. 
  • Be honest about reviews, discuss the good as well as the bad points of the book. 
  • Do add a link so that they can easily buy from it. 
  • Talk about the moral values which the book will provide the readers. 
  • You can also add catchy quotes from the books which will attract the readers towards the philosophy of the book. 
  • Leave the summary at an interesting point so that readers will get curious about it. 

Do read this blog to smooth your blogging journey-


Important points to be kept in mind- 

  • Check the typos perfectly, don’t spoil your user experience with a dumb grammatical error. You can do this with the help of the Grammarly tool, which will help you to correct the grammatical errors. 
  • Make it skim able, it means that keep your paragraphs and sentences short so that it would be easier to get scanned. 
  • Focus on SEO, use keywords which might be the book title or author name. Add searchable keywords in the image alt text, intro, and in the ending. Bold the main points to make them appealing. 
  • Make your review worthwhile and loveable to read as this can be a test of yours, as many publishers will scan your data before giving you works. 




Now after reading the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you are good to go!  

But make sure to follow all these basics as a novice. Because blogging takes serious efforts and time that is why it is called a lifetime asset. 

Do mention in the comments, which niche you had decided to start with your blogging career? 

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