How to Find the Best Blog Keywords in 2021

How to Find the Best Blog Keywords in 2021

Follow These Steps to Find Best Keywords.

Blog Keywords are highly needed for your blog website for ranking your website. When you’re just getting started to run a website then you have to research the best keywords for your website content this will help in increasing your website ranking and optimize your website.

Follow These Steps to Find the Best Blog Keywords for Your Website.

 1. Use a Keyword Research Tool to Find Best Blog Keywords

Keyword Research tool is very necessary for our website to rank on google. There are many Keyword Research Tools but some tools are made for you like Ahrefs, SemRush but if you are a starter you don’t have money to buy standard tools then I will prefer to join free Tools like 
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • IMforSMB Keyword
  • Keyword In
  • Soovle
  • Ubersuggest
  • WordStream Free Keyword Tool

There are Free Keyword Research Tools for your blog website.

 2. Find a Title Tag Keyword for your Website.

To find the best title and article idea you have to use a trick with the google search bar. Follow instructions.
Open google chrome and type allintitle:  and attach your post title like

How to Find the Best Blog Keywords
allintitle: and add your post title and search then you get a result from google how much people use this title in our post.
How to Find the Best Blog Keywords
In this image, I will search what is title tag then google show me 2700 post that use “what is title tag”
This is the way to find the best title for your post.
When you search your title in google, conform the title used only under 2000 times from others, otherwise, your post not ranking on google top pages.

3. Find Titles with the Search bar.

When you type your title in the google search bar then google suggests more titles below your title you will also use the titles for your post title because google suggests a high traffic title and which title people search.
When you start your new blog website then you have to work on low competition keywords because the high competition keyword rank on top google pages, your website has no power to rank top pages in google because your website traffic is low. when your traffic increases day by day then you will use a high competition keyword and your website will definitely rank on google’s top pages.
You always know your website clear and focused on your article because google rank clear and focused website article and don’t use any other types of design. When Google Adsense approves your website you have to put ads yourself don’t use google auto ads because google auto ads will decrease your website speed. When your website ranked on google then you use google auto ads.

Now we discuss how to do keyword research.

There are many ways to research keywords but many peoples research keywords from tools and many other people’s research keywords manually, there are few important steps that you need to take.

Step 1. Study your topic.

Before you searching out what are the best keywords for optimizing a page, It’s good that you start from starting and learn more about your niche.
You have to study your website topic like your website is on the best budget clothes now keep in your mind what things to do sells better and impress your customers from your website layout and your keywords like many customers search for best budget clothes, best trending clothes and many more these types of keywords you must use in your website to rank in google and keep in your mind your website clear and focused on your main topics don’t use any other topics expect your main topic.

Step 2. Make a list of relevant topics.

For Example: If you are run a man’s brand on your website then some topics that are related to your brand like this:
  • men’s perfumes
  • men’s face wash
  • sunscreen for boys
  • body oil for men’s
  • men’s trending clothes

The topics that are important for your business and your website and related to your buyer customer.

Step 3. Always use a long-tail keyword.

A long-tail keyword may help your website to rank fastly on google’s top pages because many customers search like that how to grow a beard, top trending men’s fashion, men’s best face wash for acne, etc.
These are types of long-tail keywords. So I will prefer you always to use long-tail keywords in your business website.

Step 4. Always use a good keyword research tool.

There are many keyword research tools but some are paid and some are free so you will decide which keyword you afford paid and free?

The keyword research tool tells you everything about your competitor’s website like do follow and no follow backlinks, traffic source, competitor’s keywords, etc always use this type of tool that tells you everything.
Thanks for reading this article I hope you will understand this article and keep working on your website to make a future bright, Thanks.

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