How to Become a Game Developer in India – UIG Geeks

How to Become a Game Developer in India - UIG Geeks

Programming Languages for Game Developing.

  1. C++
  2. C#
  3. Java

Web Languages to Create Browser Games.

If you want to make browser games then you need to learn these languages.
  1. HTML5
  2. CSS3
  3. JavaScript
  4. SQL
Optional Programming Languages for Android Game and Windows Game Development
  1. Python
You can also Develop Android Games and Windows Games using Python with Python Framework.
Some Python Framework for Android Games and Windows Game Development.

Top 9 Python Framework for Android Games, and Windows Games Development.

  1. Pygame
  2. PyKyra
  3. Pyglet
  4. PyOpen GL
  5. Kivy
  6. Panda 3D
  7. Cocos 2D
  8. Python-Ogre
  9. Ren’Py

What are the System Requirements for Game Development?

2D Game does not require a lot of systems requirements you can develop 2D games in a Quad-Core processor is must and 4 to 6 GB ddr4 Ram is enough and a Good Graphics card like i5 9th Gen and Geforce is enough to develop 2D games.
3D Games is altogether another story, The Requirements of  3D game designing is the best Graphics card like Intel i7 to i9 10th Gen, NVIDIA GTX 1660 to RTX 2080 Ti, and AMD Radeon 5700 XT to RX 580, and the 8 to 12 GB ddr4 to ddr5 of  Ram and Quad-core to 6 core processor is enough to 3D game development.

Best Tools to Development of Games.

  1. Unreal Engine
  2. Unity 3D
  3. Godot Engine
  4. Monogame
  5. Gamemaker Studio

Information About Game Development Tools.

Unreal Engine: You can develop AAA quality 3D games like PUBG (but PUBG Mobile is not a Triple-A quality game) then Unreal engine is best for you, Unreal Engine Support language is C++.
Unity: You can develop a 2D and 3D game in unity not a Triple AAA quality game like an unreal engine. Unity Support language is C#.
Godot Engine: Godot is a Free and Open Source game developer tool and you can develop cross-platform. You can develop 2D and 3D games in Godot Engine. Godot Engine Support language is C++.
Monogame: Monogame is a Free and Open Source game framework. it uses .NET to make a game and it is cross-platform. You can develop a 2D and 3D game. Monogame Framework support language is C#.
Gamemaker Studio: Gamemaker Studio is a 2D game maker. You can develop games without any coding skills because Gamemaker comes with the Drag and Drop game developing method. You can develop games in Gamemaker with Drag and Drop.

What are Different Components in Game Developments?

There are many components in Game Developments that can be handled by a single game developer or either team of multiple peoples to handled game graphic designing, game coding, game storyline, and many more(All these components are given below). If you want to develop games then you must know all things about games management and if you have a team to handle the development of the game then it’s very easy to develop a game.

Characters of Games

The Animator and motion artist know how to develop a character in-game and know about whats the work of the character in the game storyline and how fast the character move and how the looks of characters in-game.

The storyline of Games 

First of all the game work on a storyline so that’s why the whole game depends on a story and then develops the levels about the storyline of the game and how many hard levels in-game. The main factor is what’s the work of the main character and how to design character movements.

Sounds and Music of Game

The Sounds and Music is the most important components of the game because without the sound and music game is nothing so that’s why sounds are compulsory in-game. The Surrounding sounds depend on your character movements, you have to put background music for the game and sound based on your storyline of the game, and there are many sounds in-game you must know like character movement sound, vehicle sound, and environments sound.

Visuals of Game

The visuals of the game decide the game quality because the game with low visuals no one likes you have to make high-quality visuals to attract more gamers. Triple-A quality graphics enhance a game experience too, you must try high-quality graphics for your game.

Quality of Game Assurance

First of all, before launching the game you must check the game from game testers because there are many glitches and bugs which you have to fix, and then fix all types of issues and check one more time then launch the game, and after launching the game you have to discover more ideas to increasing game-playing experience and future updates of the game. These ideas will popular your game too much.

All the Steps to Become a Game Developer and which languages want to learn for game development and best tools for your game development and which main points you must know while developing a game for the professional way all things are given in a proper way and easy to read. I hope you will understand all steps and points.

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