How Can You Earn Money as a Content Writer! All the Types Explained.

How Can You Earn Money as a Content Writer! All the Types Explained.

What is content writing?

Do you want to start your career as a content writer? Have you heard of the popular saying that, ‘content is king and distribution of the content is the queen?’  

Content writing is the crafting of engaging and original content using the references which are available on the books and internet. The professionals who do this are known as content writers. 

How Can You Earn Money as a Content Writer! All the Types Explained.

To write content, you should have a good command of the language, you need to use the most ideal words to put forward your thoughts. In this content writing guide, you will learn everything about it like how to jumble words to make beautiful sentences.  

Let us know that how content writing had started-  

It had started at the beginning of the ’90s with the introduction of the world wide web. As at that time, this was very needed for businesses which helped in communicating the value of their products and services as well as engaging with the audience.  

And the solution came as content for a well-written website, blogs, articles, and other writings.  

To get started with anything we need to know about the 3 w’s of it that is what, why, and where?  

What we had discussed earlier, now let us know why content writing?  

As we know that everyone requires content writers because it helps to generate leads, engage customers, and boost revenue which helps to increase the content writing services demand. And with time, many businesses are understanding the value of quality content for their websites.   

You might ask, that ‘Can anyone write’?  

I would probably say ‘Yes’ but my next question will be, ‘Can everyone write optimized content that can generate great results for the website?’  


Now, let us talk about where your content writing skills will be used? Talking about the top 3 scopes of a content writer.  

  • Freelance writer- As a beginner, you can give a start to your content writing as a freelancer. It is self-employed work, where you are your boss. As you can work without any obligations and you can work as per your schedule and preferences. This can be online, offline, part-time, or full time, it depends on you and on the company for which you are working for.  

You can write for many companies or individuals at a time. Your prime task as a freelancer is to write blogs, articles, eBooks, and website content. The client’s demands are versatile and you need to develop an edge for substantial skills like proofreading and researching.  

  • Blogging– This can be referred to as advanced level diary writing as most people are aware of the idea that they start their blog to share their thoughts, hobbies, and interests. It is an online content writing job; this can also be part-time or full-time. It can be a personal blog or a corporate blog (where you can promote your products and services).  

Personal blogs are very flexible, you can change and generate a unique profile.  

Google AdSense is one of the major resources from where you can earn. When working for a corporate blog, your prime dedication will be to promote the brand. Bloggers are getting famous and rich day by day, even they collaborate with many big institutions out there.  

  • Copywriter- “An average writer writes, but a copywriter craft”. It’s correct to say that it is one of the most paid jobs in the field of content writing it is one of the topmost opportunities. The copywriter must write content to drive the sale and to sell. This requires analytical thinking and out of box thoughts. 2 main elements of copywriting are advertising and marketing as it involves ATL (above the line) advertisements.  

Whether you want to be a part-time or full-time copywriter your prime focus should be to promote the USP (unique selling proposition). Your content should be able to grab the attention and interests of the people, sow the seeds of desires for any product or service for people, and then finally making them take a profitable action that is buying.  


Other important writers-  

Web content writer- these writers write on large-scale websites, for this you should have a good knowledge of SEO like you should be very committed to the usage of keywords. The opportunities for web content writers are vast, you can handle freelancing projects, full-time jobs, or even can work as a ghost-writer.  
  • Technical writers- these are usually associated with writing white papers, researches, procedures, manuals, proposals, etc. For this, you should be from a technical background.  
  • Academic writers- everyone was a writer when talking about school and college days. This writing involves college students who hire writers to get help with their thesis and is famous in foreign countries. This writing requires a format and formal vocabulary.  
  • This might be correct to include business writer and proofreader in the list as for the business writer it helps business with the content marketing thing and resume making. In the nutshell, proof readers’ work is to read the text and to analyze the mistakes.  


In the field of content writing, the more you practice, the more you become advance in it. In this job, if don’t have the zeal to write and are just coming for monetary purposes then this is not for you.   

There are many opportunities for content writing but you must know that thesis no shortcut to achieving success in it. As it requires your time and efforts to be perfect in it. But in the present many people faces one problem of plagiarism, be alert to that as it can even ruin your career as a content writer too.  

Have a look at the above mention writers and pick out your one, in the next blog we are going to learn about how you can master the sentence formation thing, that is tips and tricks to perform best as a content writer. 


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