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 In this Blogger vs WordPress – Which is Better for Making Money article, I will tell you which CMS (Content Management System) is better for you. If you are confused then read this Blogger vs WordPress, It will definitely remove your confusion about these CMS.
Blogger vs WordPress - Which is Better for Making Money - UIG Geeks

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a Free and open-source Google platform. Blogger is a simple way of creating your website and Blog. You can publish and share your knowledge by writing articles in the blogger and Blogger publishes these articles on the internet. Like we are giving you knowledge through this website that is the work of the blogger.

What is WordPress? 

WordPress is a Paid and simple way of creating your blog website and it work also similar to blogger but blogger provide you some amount of features, and WordPress provides all features in your website and you can customize your website like a professional website so that’s why WordPress is a paid content management system (CMS).

Blogger vs WordPress – Which is best for you:

These two Platform has similar work in creating professional websites within minutes. First of all its all depend on you which is best for you because blogger is free of cost there are no charges for your website and on the other hand, WordPress is paid because blogger is a google platform and it provides free hosting with unlimited storage and when you creating a website in WordPress you need a hosting and domain so that’s why WordPress will pay every year. 
There are many other questions about WordPress and Blogger so let’s began Blogger has an easy interface for beginners, and WordPress has a very tricky interface, so that’s why every beginner don’t know how to customize the website on WordPress and for your website security you need SSL certificate that blogger gives you on every website for free, but when you use WordPress you have to buy an SSL certificate for your website security. 
WordPress requires more plugins for any other additional features and blogger does not require and plugin, because Blogger has come with limited features these limited features are enough for beginner and intermediate if you are a professional blogger and you have much money to pay bills of  WordPress hosting then you can choose WordPress. 
Blogger and WordPress both websites can be monetized with any Ad Network and you can earn money but WordPress earning and Ranking slightly better from Blogger because there are many plugins available in WordPress for Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) of your website and any other advantages.
Let’s Talk about which platform is better in security Blogger is more secure than WordPress because Blogger controlled by Google and you know how strict google security and if your website created with WordPress you have to more responsible for ensuring your website is running well and secure or not. These are the common factors in Blogger and WordPress well, It all depends on you which platform is better for your pocket money.
Blogger vs WordPress - Which is Better for Making Money - UIG Geeks

Pros and Cons of Blogger and WordPress:

Now we are going to compare these two platforms, and which is best for beginners, and why
Well, start the comparison with Blogger and then WordPress.

Pros of Blogger:

  • It is free there are no charges to start and create your website.
  • It’s very easy and quick to create a website within minutes.
  • You can personalize your blog within minutes.
  • Blogger hosting is very fast in speed because it handled by Google.
  • It is best for beginners.

Cons of Blogger:

  • You can not personalize your blog website professionally.
  • Blogger has fundamental features; you can not make it beyond the standard blog.
  • You can not use the plugin for any other options.

Pros of WordPress:

  • WordPress has thousands of customization for personalizing your website.
  • You can use plugins 
  • Easy to Rank because there are many plugins available to blog ranking.

Cons of WordPress:

  • It is Paid, It requires hosting when you create a website in WordPress.
  • You have to more responsible for ensuring that your blog website performing well and securely.
  • You need lots of plugins for many other features.
  • The website can go down without any notice.

Conclusion for Blogger vs WordPress

I hope you will understand this Blogger vs WordPress article. You have to decide which platform is best. There are many Advantages and Disadvantages to Blogger and WordPress but these platforms can help you to make a professional website within minutes WordPress is paid and blogger is free. This also depends on your work on how professional work doing you are. If you have any quarry about this article then feel free and comment down below the article, I will definitely solve your all problems within a day. Thanks for giving me your precious time in this article.

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