9 Proven Ways to Promote a Blog for Free (Increase Traffic Fast)

9 Proven Ways to Promote a Blog for Free (Increase Traffic Fast)

All new Bloggers are most worried about Ways to Promote Blog, but today I will remove the concern of bloggers in this article. Because many bloggers write good content and publish their blog in Google search console, but the article does not rank in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) 
Because SEO is very important to rank the article in the Search Engine and even after doing SEO if the website is not getting ranked then keep reading. You have to understand only high-quality content is not enough in blogging, you should do more things like Creating Backlinks, Technical SEO, etc.
If you have done all this, yet the blog is not getting ranked, then don’t be disappointed, you have to do work hard. Now jump to the topic After writing content bloggers have to do many things, after which your post starts to rank in Search Engine.
Today I will give you lots of tips here. With the help of those tips, you can get your post ranked anytime. And these tips and strategies will be very useful in your blogging career so let get started.
9 Proven Ways to Promote a Blog for Free (Increase Traffic Fast)

Blog Promotion Tips

The blog is not popular until we promote the blog, So that’s why we have to promote our blog. We can also promote our blog by paid promotion, But many people have enough money to promote their blog.
So that’s why today I will tell you free ways to promote a blog.
So without any further delay, let’s start!

9 Proven Ways to Promote a Blog for Free

I am giving you many free and workable ways to promote a blog on the internet.

1. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a traditional way to reach out to your targeted audience on your blog niche. In nowadays Email Marketing is very popular to promote anything for free and paid ways, and this technique is the most effective way to promote blogs for free. If you don’t know how to do email marketing for a blog promotion then comment on this article. I will provide you free ways to email marketing.

2. Social Media

Social Media is a very powerful way to reach your audience anywhere in the world because This is a very famous way to promote anything. It is a little bit hard, but if you are successful in this, then you can promote and get millions of traffic in a short time.
You have to create a perfect account of your topic on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other platforms. Then promote anything which in your interest, but make sure your audience is also interested in your product and they have also bought your product. If you create a video of your product like a blog, gadgets, gears, and anything because when you create a video on your product then the customer easy to interacts with your product and they also buy your product. You can also tell the funny things about those products in your videos, and keep your customer as your friend.

3. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a very easy way to reach out to the audience in your niche. (Niche is focused and targeted word as like topic).  Blog commenting is a way of chatting with a stranger on any website.
Commenting on the websites and make a good amount of audience and always keep in your mind don’t copy-paste comment because the copied comment directly and easy to sniffed out by the bots and also the author of the website. Always write genuine and apprise comments on competitors’ blogs.

4. Quora Commenting

Quora is a very popular question-answer website. There is a lot of question are asked by the public on quora you have to answer these questions. when you answer any single question, you are not answering a single person there are millions of person can read this answer, and if your answer is genuine then your answer will become popular and your answer will be shown on top of the answers to the question. you can easily promote a blog for free.
Quora is not a forum website because if you ask a question then the question appears at the top of the search engine and suppose that you have answered only one question then millions of people can read this answer if you give your website link in quora answer then you can get millions to traffic on your blog, so that’s why quora is a next-level promotion way. 

5. Post Frequently

What could be more troublesome than bloggers who do not post regularly, If you are also making this mistake then it is very wrong. You have to write a post on time because it will also be boosting your website engagement. If the engagement of your blog will increase then your blog will reach many peoples.
Always provide a high-quality to your audience, and create a post calendar and follow it to write an article for the website. The main factor for article writing is SEO, SEO is very important for a blog to reach more peoples.

6. Guest Posting

In the guest posting, a blog owner approaches another blog for publishing an article on their blog and it turns in a quality do-follow backlink and also gets traffic. You have to focus on the article you will send guest post on another blog because the article you post in a guest post is must be of high-quality. when your article is high-quality then easy to approve by any blog author.

7. YouTube

YouTube is the most used platform in the world. If you are able to make videos on youtube, then I highly recommended joining youtube because it is trendy and you can also take it as a side business too. You can drive millions of traffic on the blog and also earn money by video sharing on youtube. 
If you have a gadgets blog, then you can also make videos and share on youtube by this technique you can drive more traffic to your blog and you will be able to earn a lot of money on youtube.

8. Keyword Researching and Optimization

Keyword researching is the main factor to rank the blog and there are many free and paid tools for researching low competition keywords. Free tools are SEMscoop, Keyword.io, and Wordtacker, etc.
Always try to find a long-tail keyword because the long-tail keyword is easy to rank than the short-tail keyword.
When keyword researching is fully done then another game start it means keyword optimizing in the blog article. The proper keyword optimization in your blog article is very important because when you optimize keywords on your article than a search engine bot easy to know which topic is suitable for the article.

9. Know your Targeted Audience

Knowing your targeted audience is very helpful for the blog to become popular. When you know what your audience needs, it will become very easy to make your blog popular. If you provide those which are right to your audience, then they will also become your regular customers and your audience will trust your blog well.
Understand your audience and try to find out which language they find easy to read the content. Always keep in your mind provide quality content in easy to understand way. Always keep it in your mind to provide well-understood content to people.
I hope you understand well, These 9 Proven ways to promote your blog for free. If you have any query about this article then comment, I will solve your problems as soon as possible. If you feel that this article is wrong and needs to be corrected, then you can tell me in the comment section.

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