8 TIPS:  How to get out of Google Sandbox in 2021 ( FAST INDEX)

8 TIPS: How to get out of Google Sandbox in 2021 ( FAST INDEX)

How to get out of Google Sandbox in 2021 

Google Sandbox is a threat to many new websites. In case, if you don’t know what is Google Sandbox, as the name suggests ‘google sandbox effect’ refers to a belief that Google filters new websites and in fewer cases (like long inactivity on the older website which increases chances of getting into the Google Sandbox) older websites too and puts few restrictions on them like preventing them from ranking fair for the first 2 to 12 months or more. 

How to get out of Google Sandbox in 2021 ( FAST INDEX)

What to do if you are in a google sandbox? Given below is the list you can follow to escape Google Sandbox. 

1. Index your website- You probably will think that this is the most obvious and apt thing to do, however, many people don’t do this and are not aware that website’s aging starts after Google’s indexation. Don’t’ lose your time and try to index your website as soon as possible. You can check here, site: yourdomain.com, if you are confused that your website is indexed or not. To streamline the process, you can register your website with a search console, here you can solicit Google and help with your web pages, it can even show the exact date when the indexation took place. 

2. Drive Traffic from various platforms- Gaining traffic from other sources like social media can help you with the ranking thing in the inception of your website. By driving traffic from sources like LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, forums, GitHub, etc. Will help you to show Google that your website is riveting to the people. There are also few simple pro steps to be taken to get a decent amount of traffic. 

8 TIPS:  How to get out of Google Sandbox in 2021 ( FAST INDEX)

  • Creating Social groups and share your blogs there. 
  • Follow a consistent manner of posting the content. 
  • Try to write a post on viral topics. 
  • Get guest posting on popular websites to get a strong backlink. 
  • Add a call-to-action thing at the end of the blog like adding a question into that.


4. GMB verification- GMB listing is the hub where customers can find the business information at one place, and when they are searching for your business then that type of listing is known as GMB listing. Before verification of it, just make sure it is not against Google’s policy. It’s very easy to verify your GMB, for verification of this, you need to ask Google to send a postcard to your registered office or home address, as in the postcard you will find the code. You will type the code found and after that, you get the status of verification. And for security and privacy purposes, you can even hide your business address from google maps. 

5. Building up foundational links- This is one of the best techniques to show google that your website and you are trustworthy. Well, many people think that why it is needed, the answer is that the control of your website is in the hands of YouTube who will help you in coming off the sandbox while enquiring about your website. Major link building at this stage, it is believed that citations and social media links of Instagram, Linked In, YouTube can help a lot in your foundational links. 


8 TIPS:  How to get out of Google Sandbox in 2021 ( FAST INDEX)

6. Choose your keyword wisely- When it comes to choosing keywords wisely, you should always go for long tail and low competition keywords which will help you to increase the chances of increasing the traffic at your website. As for the beginning of your website journey, instead of focusing on the money keywords, these keywords are the best to grab more audience. Websites like UberSuggest and SEMrush for searching keywords for the website.  

8 TIPS:  How to get out of Google Sandbox in 2021 ( FAST INDEX)

7. Elude being too aggressive- As we know that fighting the Google Sandbox effect thing, like doing too much SEO (off-page one) which includes building a very large volume of links, using the over-optimized anchor text, and last but not the least not connecting your social accounts can act as a counterproductive thing for you. As everything requires time to be done at a smooth pace, things can turn out to be super amazing as it will help you in building trust with Google. 

8. Application of an auction domain (which is indexed)- This thing is tried by many ‘impatient’ famous bloggers, yes, I repeat impatient ones. You can explore GoDaddy or flippa, here you don’t need to buy the domains, but you need to run some tests on it to know about the domain’s relevance and decency.   

There are many ways in which you can check the domain’s profile-  

  • You can check the domain’s backlinks with the help of the tool called SEMrush, these links should not contain spammy elements and the anchor should contain naked URLs, images, and branding.  
  • You should also check that your website is ranking with the keywords or not with the help of SEMrush. 
  • Also, you can even check its past profile with the help of an amazing tool called  Wayback Machine which will help you to know that your website does not contain any spammy elements and hosting. 
  • Buy an active website- If you don’t want to waste any time, on setting up these strategies and wanted to save this time, so my suggestion is to buy an active website, you can find these active websites on Flippa. 



As we study the concept of creating sandboxes for google, we understand that it was very needed for the smooth functioning of Google as at the beginning of the SEO thing, it was very easy to spam Google. Like, at that time, as long as your keywords were perfectly optimized and were ready to go, then any website can rank almost in a very short duration of time or even within overnight. And this created a trouble as many black hat SEOs and spammy affiliates created many spammy content websites. Then the sandbox came like a superhero which protected Google! 

Share your opinions with us in the comments, do tell us your favorite strategy for coming out of the sandbox.


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