5 Manageable Tips to Get Your Adsense Approved Within a Week!

5 Manageable Tips to Get Your Adsense Approved Within a Week!

Google AdSense Approval Tips

Google AdSense Approval Tips– For every blogger, AdSense approval is the prime thing to which the blogger earning is dependent. For getting your AdSense approved, YOU need to meet some basic and important guidelines. If YOU have noticed that your site is not getting approved, so before applying again, use the below mention tactics to get the approval fast. As if you can’t get your website approved, then you won’t be able to get the AdSense approvalwhich means that no earning will be there!

5 Manageable Tips to Get Your Adsense Approved Within a Week!

Start reading this blog with a question in your mind, ‘What are the expert tips to get the AdSense approval fast?’ and I promise that you will get the answer right away!

1.     Premium quality content is pivotal-Keeping this on number first because this is the most important thing as the first thing which your audience sees is YOUR content. It’s not only about your audience, you must know that Google is very strict towards spammy content sites and also for those who encourage plagiarism. As Google starts getting off these sites from the search results and there is no scope for these sites to get an AdSense approval. To know more about Google’s perspective towards high-quality content, check Google Publisher Policies to know better.

5 Manageable Tips to Get Your Adsense Approved Within a Week!

You need to write the content with zero plagiarism and without any grammatical errors, as by doing so, you are building a good character in front of your audience as well as in front of Google. 

Pro Tip-: Never use copyrighted images, which means that if you have taken images directly from Google because there are usage rights that protect the owners of the photos. There is no chance of YOU getting an AdSense approval, and they will say that these are even not images so why you should be paid for that.

This is not the legitimate thing to do because this does not satisfy the owner’s rights. If you want to get photos and videos where there are no owner’s right problems then here’s a solution for you. You can explore options like Pixabay for free of copyrights images, this website is free of cost and the other option is  shutterstock.com but it’s the paid resource that you can opt for. 

2.       You should have an About and Contact page– Many people miss out on this, as before you apply to Google AdSense you should have an about and contact page. Most of the people that why is it so? It’s simply that when Google is screening your website then it’s needed that you should appear authorized, which means they should know who is behind the website.

 A contact page is needed for your audience to contact you, and having these 2 pages which help to build a legitimate personality in front of Google is much needed. From the AdSense perspective, the establishment of these 2 pages is much needed.

5 Manageable Tips to Get Your Adsense Approved Within a Week!

Pro Tip-: Before Applying to AdSense, you should have 12 to 15 articles of premium quality. In terms of the word limit, it should be between 10,000 words to 16,000 words, which will act as a voice of the page and quality content of your website.

3.       Confirm that your website content is not in the restricted list- YOU should make sure that your web content is not in the restricted list, and for that, you need to read the restricted content list carefully, here’s the list. Winding up this list completely, so your website must not have these point:

·         Sexual content.

·         Content related to promoting tobacco, drugs, guns, terrorism, killing, online gambling & fixing, unapproved pharmaceuticals.

·         Content promoting violence (in any case).

Pro tip:

Create a privacy page for your website- Most people don’t know what to add to a privacy page, you can explore Google’s page where they described what you should include in your privacy page.

4.       Make sure your website is not banned- This is not the problem for people who have built their website from scratch and bought a new domain for their website. There is the chance of your website is banned that if you had not purchased a new domain or website. There is a website known as banneddcheck.com, where you can check that your website is banned or not. It’s worth checking here.


5.       Make sure your website looks decent: This is one of the major things because this thing is directly connected to the user’s experience. As when someone visits your website then it does not look childish or 90’s design and it not at all means that you should go for purchasing premium themes. Just use your creative mind to make it decent.


Let’s talk about some important FAQs-

1. How can I get AdSense approval in 2 minutes?

Usually, this does not happen, AdSense’s approvals take around 1 or 2 days.


2. What is the period of getting an AdSense approval?

This is usually differing as it can even take 1 or 2 days or else can even extend till 1 or 2 weeks.


3. Do I need to be 18 for AdSense approval? And if not, what is the solution to it?

Yes, it is compulsory to be 18+ for getting an AdSense approval. The solution is very simple that you can use your parent’s account for AdSense approval. You can even use any trustable person’s account So that your earnings are secured.


4. Is it compulsory to use every document of the same person?

The person who is registered with AdSense should have the documents registered that is like the bank account details of the holder.


5. How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

It usually depends upon the niche of the website, but on average it is between- $0.5 to $2 and even some niches can be more profitable.


These FAQs are one of the most common doubts that usually a beginner blogger has. Hoping that you have got all the fundamentals cleared. Do mention in the comments your experiences related to AdSense approval. Will love to hear those!

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